Sulfurs, Survival hunter.


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    Sulfurs, Survival hunter.

    Post  Sulfurs on Mon Jun 01, 2009 9:44 pm

    Application Template v1.0a

    1) PERSONAL INFORMATION (Fields marked with a * are required fields.)

    A. Personal Name Rune Bruun Brodersen
    B. Age and Gender Male, 19 years old.
    C. Where are you from? Copenhagen, Denmark


    A. Character Name Sulfurs
    B. Class and Race Hunter, Troll.
    C. Armory Link 8 ( I got Nobles Deck, so i get greatness in like 6 days)
    D. Number of days played (/played) 20 days in all. 7 days as lvl 80.
    E. Resistance-gear, if any
    F. Anything else you would like to mention about your character? i play it well.


    A. Playing times (Example: Mon-fri 17-24) mon,thur,fri,sat,sun, 17-24 tue, 21:00 wed 19:00.
    B. Previous Guild(s) I played in "Syntax error" before they migrated to the server boulderfist, I was kicked cause i didn´t migrated fast enough. I have played in a swedish guild at the server boulderfist where we never got to the ulduar. now i´m back looking for a nice guild to join.
    C. Reason for leaving previous Guild(s) *
    D. Previous PVE-experiencePRE TBC:

    Zul'gurub: (not on this char)
    Ahn'qiraj 20: (not on this char)
    Ahn'qiraj 40: Cleared
    Molten Core: (nope)
    Blackwing Lair: (nope
    Naxxramas(PRETBC): (nope)


    Magtheridon: Cleared
    Gruul's Lair: Cleared
    Zul'aman: (nope)
    Tempest Keep: (nope)
    SSC: (nope)
    Black Temple: (nope)
    Hyjal Sumiit: (nope)
    SWP: (nope)


    Naxxramas: Cleared both 10 and 25
    Obsidian Sanctum: Cleared both 10 no drakes and 25man no drakes
    Ulduar: I haven´t cleared the instance on 25 man, and reached to the 6th in 10man
    VoA: Cleared.

    I got some other chars i have played alot of the raid classics on, I had another hunter who got hacked, but i raided alot on that.

    E. Describe your role in raids i´m hunter and a dps class, so ofc. i need to dps my pants off, i also need to MD the right ppl and mobs to keep the threat as it should be. I´m a okay kiter, so when needed i can do my job.


    A. Computer specifications *Intel Pentium CPU 4. 3.00 Ghz, Geforce 8500
    B. Internet-connection 5 MB
    C. Do you have issues with D/C due to internet/comp. problems? nope
    D. Screenshot of your in-game UI (Link it) *


    A. Why do you want to join Critical Mass? * I want to take the raiding to the next lvl for real, i want to play with some nice ppl who is serious and want progress as much as i want.
    B. Why should we pick you? I´m a very funny and happy guy who know when to be serious and can focus 100% when needed, I know my class and play it well.
    C. What are you goals besides character development Want to meet some nice guys and get a nice social network.
    D. Is there anything you would like to add I really hope this is the real guild for me, cause i have looked for it for some time now.
    E. Is there anyone in Critical Mass who can vouch for you? no, i´m applying cause one said your were recruting Smile, i talked with a priest who spammed it in general char Dalaran

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    Re: Sulfurs, Survival hunter.

    Post  zarake on Tue Jun 02, 2009 10:30 am

    First didnt u have 10min to check other people application how its written ? and didnt u check the Example that Snawky provided ? Evil or Very Mad

    now for the real thing your gear is not up to our Guild progress in ulduar and u dont have the exp at all not even OS 1 Drake, and half Naxx25 achievement is not done yet. how u expect to be in our guild seriously.

    anyway is not up to me to accept u or not its up to Hunter CL erazmas . wait for hes replay.
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    The King

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    Re: Sulfurs, Survival hunter.

    Post  Dionysós on Tue Jun 02, 2009 2:28 pm

    That little experience, fail ;/ But yeah, wait for Erazmas, the hunter CL, to reply.

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    Re: Sulfurs, Survival hunter.

    Post  Sulfurs on Tue Jun 02, 2009 3:12 pm

    Dionysós wrote:That little experience, fail ;/ But yeah, wait for Erazmas, the hunter CL, to reply.

    I know i don´t have that much experience on this char, i´ve played wow in like 3 years, different classes priest,rogue and hunter all at the max. lvl they were avaeaible to play. don´t have many of the classics, but i know the instances we are playing now and want to have some nice char development... Smile

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    Re: Sulfurs, Survival hunter.

    Post  erazmas on Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:59 pm

    Had some rl stuff to do. Just read your application.
    Checked the armory and your gear is not that good and as we don't do naxx anymore there is no way to gear you up fast enough. We all want to progress fast so there is just no place for you in our guild. Gather more xp and gear, and we might reconsider your application.

    Application declined.

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    Re: Sulfurs, Survival hunter.

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