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    Erratum - Retri paladin

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    A. Personal Name Simon
    B. Age and Gender 23, male
    C. Where are you from? Denmark, CPH


    A. Character Name Erratum
    B. Class and Race Belf
    C. Armory Link
    D. Number of days played 79
    E. Resistance-gear, if any regular frost gear
    F. Anything else you would like to mention about your character? Got dual spec holy. got pretty decent gear for it aswell.


    A. Playing times (Example: Mon-fri 17-24) mon-fri 16-??
    B. Previous Guild(s) just moved to al'akir. My mates whom I was playing with rerolled alliance.. Had some friends over here so I moved here.
    C. Reason for leaving previous Guild(s) read above.
    D. Previous PVE-experience pre tbc did everything up to naxx. In Tbc we were knocking on kil jadens door though we didnt kill him. That was before they nerfd everything.
    in wotlk everything up and past hodir(10man) up and past councile(25man)
    E. Describe your role in raids id like to think im the best dps ever ;D basicly my roll is to keep high dps. helping out with various spells and abillitys


    A. Computer specifications E5200 dual core. 4gb ram gefore 9800GT.
    B. Internet-connection 20/20mbit
    C. Do you have issues with D/C due to internet/comp. problems? none what so ever.
    D. Screenshot of your in-game UI (Link it)
    from the SS it seams I havnt binded anything in my action bar. dont know why but with bartender it wont show though it works fine:)


    A. Why do you want to join Critical Mass? I played in some pugs with you guys. you seam like a grp of nice people that I would like to be a part of.
    your progress shows dedication aswell. Im all about being 110% focusd on raids while still having fun.
    B. Why should we pick you? Im not sure I could add anything you dont allready got.. But what I can add is a guy who aint afraid wiping on new bosses to learning tacts.
    aint afraid to get critisism. I think its always great to get a view on things from another set of eyes.
    C. What are you goals besides character development basicly to have fun while develop.
    D. Is there anything you would like to add not realy:)
    E. Is there anyone in Critical Mass who can vouch for you. Dont really know any of you.. so no.

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